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Demosthenes Davvetas

Luckily I made the appoinment with Jean-Michael Basquiat in this bar on Great Jones St. The Artist was late, but at least the TV worked. Lady providence, concerned about my nerves, was broadcasting a basketball game.
At one point my table-mate, a bearded Yankee of medium caliber, left his chair to go to the restrooms.
Absorded in the game, I thought he’d left. And when Basquiat finally turned up, I offered him his chair. Bad idea. The bearded guy come back. Livid, he pounced on my interlocutor, nearly knocking him down and ruining my shot, my interview. Absorbed with finding a correct translation of “You snooze, you lose,” I stayed out of it. In the end we changed tables. Not without a certain amount of irony. The scene could have been taken from one of the paintings by Jean-Michael Basquiat, graffiti artist born in one of the most disreputable neighborhood’s of Brooklyn. And the coarse protagonist of this episode of New Yorke life could well have admired it while taking the subway, like the thousands of subway users familiar with this type of image, from when the artis signed his undergrown works with the enigmatic name SAMO.
That was when comics attracted him more than is reasonable for a painter; his favorite themes were Hitchcock, Nixon, cars, war, and weapons.
Famous from the age of twenty-two, at the time Basquiat indicated in a biography that he’d wanted to become a fireman. While interviewing him, I racked my brain for the correct translation of “Many are called, few are chosen.”
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Henry Geldzahler (III)

… …

Henry Geldzahler: Is the impulse to know a lot, or is she impulse to copy out things that strike you?
Jean-Michale Basquiat : Well, originally I wanted to copy the whole history down, but it was too tedious so I just stuck to the cast of characters.

So they’re kinds of indexes to encyclopedias that don’t exist.
I just like the names.

What is your subject matter?
(pause) Royalty, heroism, and the streets.
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Henry Geldzahler (Part II)

Henry Geldzahler (Part II)

….I’m worried that in the future, parts might fall off and some of the heads underneath might shoe through.

They might not fall of, but paint changes in time. Many Renaissance paintings have what’s called “pentimenti”, changes where the “ghost” head underneath which was five degrees of will appear.
I have a painting where somebody’s holding a chicken, and underneath the chicken is somebody’s head.
It won’t fall off exactly like that. The whole chicken won’t fall off..
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Henry Geldzahler (Part I)

In 1976, Jean-Michael Basquiat began “writing” his unique brand of graffiti throughout Manhattan under the name “SAMO”. His work from the first consisted of conceptual, enigmatic combinations of words and symbols, executed with the curt simplicity of a late Roman inspcription.
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..1986, ’till the Artist was gone…

Pda bulan Januari Basquiat pergi ke Los Angeles selama dua minggu, untuk


menghadiri pameran di Larry Gagosian Gallery, kunjungan kali ini adalah menjadi yang terakhir kali baginya.
Pada musim panas, pameran tunggalnya di gelar di Galerie Bruno Bischofberger di Zurich.
Pada bulan Agustus bersama dengan Jennifer Goode company dia berkunjung ke Afrika untuk pertama kalinya. Di sana ia tinggal bersama dengan Bruno dan Christina Bischofberger, yang atas desakan Basquiat telah mengatur sebuah pameran di Abidjan, di Ivory Coast.
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Basquiat kembali ke LOs Angeles pada bulan Maret untuk pameran ke


duanya di Larry Gagosian Galeri. Karya utama fitur exhibitioned menampilkan teks dan gambar yang berkaitan dengan musisi, petinju terkenal, film Holliwood dan peran yang dimainkan Orang kulit hitam Amerika. Pada bulan yang sama  Pameran Biennial di Whitney Museum of American Art di New Yorke di gelar dan Basquiat, di usianya yang baru dua puluh dua tahun, adalah salah satu seniman termuda yang pernah masuk dalam Pameran ini.
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Basquiat in 1982

Basquiat menyewa sebuah Apartemen di 151 Crosby Street di SoHo. Dan pindah ke sana pada bulan Januari bersama dengan Suzanne Mallouk pacarnya. Di sana dia bertemu dan berteman dengan seorang artis dari Barbados bernama Shenge Kapharoah.
Pada bulan maret Basquiat mendapat kesempatan untuk mengadakan pameran tunggalnya yang pertama di Amerika bertempat di Annina Nosei Gallery.
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