Java tribes

Java tribes

This tribe (Java) is the largest in Indonesia. The numbers themselves may be able to reach about 90juta. These tribes came from the island of Java, and most of them based in Central Java, East Java and West Java. In West Java alone, the population most especially in Indramayu and Cirebon regency that the majority of people are those who speak Javanese and Javanese culture. In Lampung, Banten, Jakarta, North Sumatra and their populations are also quite a lot. The Javanese also have sub-tribes, such as Osing and Tengger. The Javanese have a unique manner in all respects, including the language.

Polite etiquette is what makes it unique and interesting for the study. The use of everyday language is more dominant by using local languages. There are rules in language which applied in the ethnic Javanese. Like for example, when we talk to people my age, does not require complex rules, this kind of language usage in a language called Java ngoko. Was to talk with older people, the use of Java language and will Krama alus another language in use, when we talk to influential people, or people who have a respectable position, language is in use usually use Java language Krama inggil. However, the variety of language that is now rarely used, except perhaps in the palace area of the environment. Inhabitants of the island of Java today choose to use a unifying language is Indonesian.

Social stratification
Java Community Social stratification is also famous for the division of social groups. American experts are renowned anthropologist, Clifford Geertz, in the 1960s, divides society into three groups of Java: the students, abangan and gentleman. According to the students are adherents of a devout Muslim, the abangan are adherents of Islam in nominal terms or Kejawen adherents, while the Priyayi is the nobility. But today many of Geertz’s opinion because he opposed social classes mixed with faith groups. Social categorization is also difficult to apply in classifying foreign persons, such other Indonesian people and ethnic groups such as non-indigenous people of Arab descent, Indonesians, and Indians.  Art The famous Javanese culture, especially art that is influenced by the Hindu – Buddha, the puppet performances. Repertoire of puppet story or play based on the most epic Ramayana and the Mahabharata. But the influence of Islam and the Western world there is.  Stereotype of the Javanese The Javanese have a stereotype as the nationalities of polite and refined. But they are also known as the nationalities of the closed and did not want to be frank. This trait of character supposedly based on the Javanese who want to maintain harmony or harmony and avoid conflict, which is why they tend to be quiet and not denied in the event of differences of opinion. However, not all Javanese have a closed attitude and did not want to come clean. Javanese people in the east banks of the Brantas River – especially the City of Surabaya, Kota and Kabupaten Mojokerto, Gresik, Sidoarjo District, Jombang District, City and Pasuruan Regency, Kota Batu, Malang City and County – has an egalitarian nature, straightforward, open, frank , it is, and do not like small talk.

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