Story today

A little past the threshold of a theme, but the fact that there is a little much needed in order to describe the lighter and more clear my brain frantically, as hungry for the comfort and tranquility.

Nothing is more painful to know people close to us over the situation in which no one wants to be in it. It is not clear what the intention, but did not rule that I try to write will represent a variety of events that could happen to anyone.

Fixated on the fact that there had been in the history of life, maybe not just me, maybe there is “me-me” is another step toward trying to harmonize to anything that is considered large ssebagian man as the norm and normal.

Then the questions that I never used to get the answer, now turned “asked” me … Conscience compels me to act like a man wise in this age sexual intercourse, in which was not the ego, prestige, or pride that represents a decision, but demanded more … the wisdom in taking a decision which of course left a lot of opposition.

If the slogan is true, then this is what happens in our daily lives, that “the old man must have, Adult’s choice” is not trying to be like “Old man guided by fear” that sometimes in every ‘safe’ decisions seem very sensible, but, far in his heart, there is only one concern, that all will not run properly. Because hiding never finish, never ran to answer her.

All I could do just sit, listening to a confession of blood friends, or a friend who tried to summarize the truth becomes a reality exposed. And after that, an arm around her without feeling as a sinner, because akupun no better than them … welcomed her as a form of kesiapanku in providing moral support, and receive a lying head on my shoulder as a manifestation of that, I can and want to understand what happened.

Not trying to patronize, or show the right path, just give a few choices to get the evaluation in decision making. It’s never too judgmental, because no one is entitled to orangpun lives of others. Right and wrong way of life a person is not engraved on whether he fervently religious … just how he’s dealing with every problem in the cramped space of the individual variety called the world, and how they should behave toward other individuals, without seeing any glasses, just by conscience.

My friend, our conversation this morning, may be a new discourse in your step … and not a wedge and a stumbling block in every step you take … I leave that answer to you, because maybe that’s what I need when I was a child, and now, when I became older, parents, and friends … I choose to not select the option parents in general, but the welcome you with open arms.

Old must, Adult’s choice
Welcome to the Real World …


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